The Swet Performance and Training Sports Center opened in October 2016. The company is located on Victoria Street in Lachine. Swet is a local gym, where functional training is put in the foreground. We have a clientele as athletic to beginners. People notice us by the aesthetics of the gym, the new equipment, our certified coaches, our diverse group courses and the qualities. The purify space allows you to do circuit training and many more. We also have a lunch counter and a bar where guests can sit to eat and have a protein drink after their workouts.


Luce Morin


Luce Morin has been a chartered accountant since 1991. With more than 23 years experience, she specialized as a tax expert in 1994. She’s worked for many companies, including Deloitte, Reebok International/adidas, Pfizer, Alcan and the ALDO Group. In 2011, Luce founded her own accounting practice, Activ services comptables et fiscaux inc. From SME to self-employed workers, her main clients are entrepreneurs.

Luce is responsible for the finance department.

Léa Joannette

Graphic Designer/DEC Business Management

Léa works in the field of computer graphics. She is at the cutting edge in the use of the most used layout, illustration and image processing software in the industry. She studied basic design, computer management, digitization, digital photography, electronic document imposition, high-resolution printing, website creation and electronic publishing.

With her background in business management, Léa has the necessary skills such as the development of strategies to achieve the objectives of sales, promotion, the realization of the marketing of products and services as well as the design and production of advertising messages. In addition to her technical knowledge, Léa has strengths in sales, marketing, and customer service.

Léa is responsible for the department of communication/management/graphics

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