Hello, dear members,

At the beginning of the pandemic, the gym was planned to be closed from March 16 to 31. In this context, on March 18, we announced that all our members will be compensated for the payments that would be taken until April 1st by automatically adding the 16 days that our members have missed to the memberships. This way, you won’t lose any time from your membership.

Based on the recent developments, the temporary closure has to be extended past April 1st until we get word from the government. Many other sectors of our economy are now affected by the quarantine. We are well aware that it currently has a significant financial impact on many of our members. To ease your financial stress, as of April 1st, all memberships and direct payments will be put on pause until our facility reopens, as we promised.

Following our March 18th post, some of our members have shown their willingness to continue to make their monthly payments to help us get through this challenging period. We are in the process of creating a platform to allow you to confirm your choice. The announcement will follow shortly.

Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram. We are posting workouts that are easily executed at home that will require little or no equipment.

We wish you and your families safe and healthy way out of this crisis.

Stay strong!


Good things come to those who SWET